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Sustainable homes

Sustainable homes are the smart choice if you’re building a new home. They’re cost-efficient, energy efficient and improve the quality of life for your family now and for future generations to come. We don’t believe a green home is one option for a new build, we believe it’s integral to good design. There’s no reason sustainable homes can’t look beautiful too.

How we design and build sustainably

The design of a sustainable home should consider the site, making the most of letting natural light into your home and capturing the free warmth of the sun, while maximising your views of the unique Taupo landscape. We consider climate and comfort, and how we can make you home as energy efficient as possible.

On-site sustainability

Building a superb end product isn’t done at the expense of our environment. We do everything we can to minimise the environmental impact and harm, seeking to work with nature rather than in opposition to it. We’re blessed to have such a beautiful place to call home and we’ll do everything we can to keep it that way, right down to operating a tidy site where waste products are removed, reused and recycled.

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